San Diego-Imperial Council celebrates 100 years of service.

Your Week at Camp

Upon Arrival

The week before your arrival the camp staff will call to confirm your anticipated time of arrival at Mataguay Scout Ranch. Please plan to arrive between 10 AM and 2 PM on Sunday. Monday arrivals must arrive by 6 AM. If you will not be able to arrive close to your anticipated time, a phone number will be provided. Please call and let us know.

Your backcountry guide will meet you upon arrival at the Welcome Center which is immediately at the front gate. One adult leader (alone or accompanied by the SPL) will do a preliminary check in. This will include a confirmation on the final count for the week and a review of any late arrivals.

Your guide will then lead your troop to your site, where you will unload your gear. Vehicles should be unloaded and relocated to the parking lot as quickly as possible to allow others access. Please keep vehicles only on the designated road.

Once there, campers should stow their personal gear and prepare for a camp tour with their guide. For comfort and protection, closed toe shoes must be worn.

Medical checks will be performed in the campsite by the mobile team. All medications for Scouts will be collected at that time with the exception of those which must be carried on person, such as inhalers. Adult medications may be checked in with the medic or kept in a locked container in the camp.

Additionally a member of the commissioner staff will visit your campsite to review the paperwork and deliver your preregistration/preorder t-shirts. At that time, if there are additional requests for modification to merit badge classes, please inform the commissioner.

Troops are encouraged to conduct swim checks in advance, but not more than 2 weeks in advance of arriving at Mataguay Scout Ranch and providing the approved paperwork. Scouts who do not have the paperwork or who have been determined to need a recheck by the medical team must complete it before participating in any aquatic activity. The pool will be open exclusively for swim checks Sunday afternoon.

After the tour you are free to relax or explore the camp until dinner. Your backcountry guide will return to your campsite and lead you to the Baden Powell Arena for the evening flag ceremony and dinner. Your first meal at the Ranch will be Sunday dinner. Attire for all dinners is the field (class A) Scout uniform.

That evening is the opening campfire and the final distribution of merit badge registration list.