Track Program

Mataguay Scout Ranch has implemented a unique opportunity for Scouts to take multiple merit badges in a single track. Tracks are two sessions long and include two or three merit badges, which often have overlapping subject material. The system has resulted in the following benefits for Scouts and Leaders

  • Better community within classes
  • Higher retention rate of material
  • More Merit Badges earned
  • Less time loss between classes, easier for leaders to track Scouts

Some of our tracks inclulde:

Conservation Corps

Mataguay Valley Conservation Corp, will engage Scouts in the principles and practices of wildlife management, ecological surveying, and conservation work through an interactive, hands on experience. Scouts will conduct a tree and species census at different sites within the valley, engaging students in the work of wildlife managers, conservationists, and ecologists. Scouts will execute a habitat restoration and development by building nesting sites for endangered species. Participants will come away with a better understanding of conservation techniques and principles, as well as the Forestry, Plant Science, and Soil and Water Conservation Merit Badges.

Inventors Guild

As we head into the future, robotics is going to become a bigger and bigger part of daily life. But who creates them? And how do engineers come up with the designs? All this and more will be explained as Scouts learn the basics of robotics through building actual, working robots. Participants will complete the Robotics, Engineering, and Inventing merit badges.

The Eagles' Base Camp

Designed for Star and Life Scouts who are preparing to make the last push to the top. This seminar style course will include Communications, Citizenship in the World and the Scouting Heritage Merit Badges. A special "Trail to Eagle" presentation will help Scouts to better understand the Leadership Service Project process.


Semper Paratus

Get ready for the Zombie Apocalypse! This track mixes Emergency Preparedness, Wilderness Survival and the all new Search and Rescue. This course will not be easy! Scouts must be of a maturity level to handle the physical and mental demands. Coursework outside of class time will be required as will the Survival Rugged O.

Mataguay Messenger

The Mataguay Messenger program incorporates Photography, Journalism, and Cinematography merit badges into one program.


Our expanded astronomy and Space exploration program has added the model design merit badge and teaching them all together.

Scouts participating in any of our Tracks may have a required Rugged O to complete requirements.